Find the unique in Boutique: Tunisian trendsetter boutiques 101

Welcome back Maft readers, a Tunisian writer here, one that would like to open up for you the backdoors of the fashion industry, where you’ll get to walk by the lifelong exhibition of some of the the overlooked workers there. So after loads and loads of articles about how the fashion industry is like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray.

Designers and models guarding up the front picture of this outlet for so long, membership in this community being so elite and selective, I thought it was about time for me to look for my way in.

As a fashion writer , I grew up, obsessively rewatching “Le fameux THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA movie”, which is what is inspiring me today to focus my radar on a certain kind of unnoticed hustlers in this domain, that consisting precisely in finding the Andys of this industry.

And since all I had to compare to this world was what I'd read in books and fashion magazines or watched in movies and series it kinda hit me -maybe this time,I could be the writer spilling the tea about this world.

I mean being a fashion writer has not gained me a seat at the grown up table yet but it sure got me into the room, where I got to overhear enough conversations to be able to talk fashion with passion, however every writer needs his muse, and what I learned from fashion is that you get to have multiple muses for different angles so this time while going through a deep dive on instagram looking for my diamond in the rough AKA my overlooked fashion worker for this article and it was here that I stumbled upon the instagram account of “Maison Du Glamour” and snooped around its owner’s account too (Rabelle) that I knew what my angle would be.


Via @Maison du Glamour

Now yes “Maison du Glamour” may have been the light to my idea’s bulb but after a long dive down instagram I got to discover a lot more boutiques that have intrigued me like Shaydes StoreLa CachetteStyle Frippe... etc. all of which got me circling back to this old saying : 

“Find The Unique In Boutique”

Read that again, What was your first thought?

I agree, at first,that’s what I thought as well, to find the most amazing piece in every boutique.

However the saying’s meaning goes far deeper than our first basic thoughts, it actually means that every Boutique owner needs to not just stock the bestselling clothes, they need to try unique brands their customers might like to discover, it also means that every Boutique needs to have its distinct mystique that could seem for some customers as the 3D representation of the perfectly Instagrammed photo on their favorite style blog.


Via @Shaydes Store

Roaming between racks of clothes — mostly pieces from independent designers, every customer needs to feel the dedication and the work put into displaying those clothes the way they are, they need to feel the effort in order to feel special and only then their eyes would glow and they’d get the urge to go on a shopping splurge.

Now moving on from attractive designer and never before seen pieces, some stores choose the privilege to hold out the treasures of fashion, that being vintage pieces and these boutique owners in particular are called the thrift-stores rats, they’re the ones who hand pick every single piece in the rack making sure to give every client the experience of another decade or decades for that matter. 


Via @La Cachette

Furthermore,along with the creative input, I discovered that every boutique owner is in fact at heart an entrepreneur with savvy business skills and in-depth knowledge of fashion which both help him/her to successfully manage the design/look and feel of the store, inventory, sales & marketing, employees, bookkeeping & finance whilst keep their title as style educators because many consumers don’t have the time or know-how to style themselves.

All because fashion is fickle, and they’re scared to try a new trend — until boutiques show them how, by inspiring them which entails them not just buying the product or the service more like buying the experience.

The experience of a lifetime, one where they’ll get bejeweled and dressed for that famous dreamy Vogue montage in the devil wears prada movie every girl imagines herself living while crossing the streets.

So here’s to your NIGEL makeover being your favourite boutique’s shopping spree ladies.

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