How The Ugly Dad Shoes Became Trendy?

For several years the UGLY shoes have been a thing, but now it seems to be coming to a head. Like Balenciaga’s Triple S shoes, which come intentionally streaked with brown stains and are sold out across virtually every retailer, They called it “dad” sneakers.

The trend began in April, when Kendall Jenner hit a Revolve party during Coachella, posing for pictures wearing a crop top, high-waisted cargo pants, and a fanny pack slung across her shoulders until you hit into the pair of black sneakers with a bright yellow sole and blue accents, not so dissimilar from my dad’s running shoes.

The same goes for the Birkenstock, which is now so accepted as a fashion piece that the brand recently collaborated with Barneys New York and Rick Owens.

These are Ugly Shoes 101. The Nike Air Max is a classic, and the confetti style makes a statement without requiring you to do too much work.

If you’re willing to go a little bigger, try these. The soles are super exaggerated and bulky, which is exactly what you want from a dad sneaker Nike.

Or Louis Vuitton’s Archlight sneakers, which appeared at the brand’s Spring 2018 runway show in October later that year and never forget the Gucci shoes at Fall 2018 runway in February.

The fetish for ugly shoes has even reached the high street, and you’ll find chunky sneakers and grandma sandals everywhere. These kinds of kicks are doable, and could even be an easy entry level to the trend

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