THE WIZARD OF SHOPPING: A closer look into a personal shopper's life 

By Zeineb Ouertatani

Attention Maft readers, This is just in, spotted:

A personal shopper, hot and heavy in the crossover streets between hafsia and sidi bou mendil fripps , elbow deep in the stocks of clothes looking for that hidden designer piece.

Quick,prep the OR , Mafters, it looks like we’re going to need surgery in order to remove this one from the racks of clothes.

And while you’re at it, turn on that voice deep in your head and let me take you through today’s article topic. 

They say you are what you wear, so you ought to make sure you dress the part dear Maft readers. Because in the fashion world, that’s the part when you can’t make mistakes or else they’ll put your head on a stake and make you a laughable showcase.

Besides that, most people get tired of the same old looks so they become an inch under crazy for getting their hands on the hottest new piece and since there are those who lack vision of their own , personal shoppers were born to not leave them alone and to help them mount the glorious fashion throne.

It is one of the biggest challenges in fashion, being a personal shopper.

Because to the common eye, personal shopping may seem just like a person exercising his/her hobby although in reality it’s a lot more hard work or dare I say labour work than that. 

In fact, they are a little bit of athletes because of all the walking they do between store and racks, some of them can even go about 5 kilometres or more and endure the sore legs whilst keeping up a very strong will to pursue the search, which is why they are also called gold diggers in the fashion sense of way, which means they have the ability to know where to hunt down elusive pieces and put promising items on hold.

Their superpowers don’t stop there, actually they extend to the length of going the extra mile to please their clients by securing them the perfect outfit in a last minute emergency text. 


Which gets me thinking about their motivation, how do they do it ? and most importantly why do they do it?

I mean it doesn’t just take away a lot of time from your life, it also chops away a little bit of your health?

So why ? Why do personal shoppers do what they do? 

After tons of research and interviews I came to this beautiful conclusion mixed with this fitting answer:

Shopping for other people is about more than clothing or the credits , it’s about being a part of the most virtuous experiences of their lives, it’s about handing them that perfect skirt or dress through which they live the most profound shifts in their body image ,confidence, and self-esteem. 

It’s about seeing the happiness in their clients' eyes after their sessions, and seeing how good they feel in their new clothes , because to be honest being able to make someone feel more confident about the way they look, let alone a client that you have been through a glorious journey with, from insecurities to exploring different styles and mental breakdowns through differents eras along the year , coming up to the finish line with them feeling as confident as a lion , you can only feel but pure pride. 

I mean , forget a grand entrance, everybody knows it’s the exit they’ll remember.

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