Why It Is Okay to Have Multiple pairs of Sunglasses

By Rim F.

The other day I was casually strutting down the streets when I got hooked up to a window display of a sunglasses shop. I kept staring at around glittery pair of sunglasses from Miu Miu. Of course, my mum took the occasion to bluntly shame me on it: “ Don’t you have enough sunglasses at home? It is not even summer yet!”

Let’s clear things up a bit: I consider myself to be a jacket and a sunglasses “person”.However, given I am a typical Gemini and don’t exactly stick to one style, people often mistakenly think I am rather a sunglasses “hoarder”.

More so then often, I would buy sunglasses that were so tiny I would be squinting or others which the main purpose would to be to run down my nose.

In my defense, I think that sunglasses give you a lot a personality. Cat-eye screams Pin-Up, black huge sunglasses blocks the haters – or hides dark circles. Ray bans mean you’re on point with the latest fashion and Miu Miu tells the story of a girly girl.

If you’re not planning on adopting a whole style through statement sunglasses pause a second and hear me out: Would you imagine Johnny Depp without some sort of funky sunglasses on? No.

Rocking a variety of sunglasses is a style too. You don’t have to be a fashion chameleon to have some hidden vintage pairs in your drawers.

Give your aviator sunglasses a bit of a break. There are a million sunglasses waiting for you. (you were a wrong mum!)

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