Anissa Meddeb

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ANISSA AIDA is a slow fashion line melding together cultural influences from Tunisia and Japan, preserving Tunisian heritage and traditional craftsmanship.

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It is a slow fashion brand launched in 2016 by the overly talented Anissa Meddeb who was born and raised between Tunis and Paris and a graduate from the prestigious Parsons, the new school of New York. She launched this brand in honor of her older sister Aïda who passed away in 2010. The brand is a ready to wear line inspired by the heritage of Anissa’s home country, Tunisia and her fascination for Japan. The collections are a great mix betweenTunisian and Japanese cultures, giving us a modern spin to ancestral garments. This brand vision fascinates us as it combines the past and future with tradition and modernity.


Showroom : 22 Rue du 1er Juin 1955 Mutuelle ville, Mooja, Musk and Amber, Supersouk, XYZ, Square Five Studio