Farès Cheraït

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Farès Cheraït is a Tunisian-German multidisciplinary, proactive designer, born in Tunisia, known for his originality and storytelling in his creations that shows his rock and rebel spirit.

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Farès Cheraït is a Tunisian-German fashion designer born in Tunis. After graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2001, he got the opportunity to be in an internship with the notoriously brilliant Azzedinedine Alaïa, which was of great impact on his career and imprinted on his stylistic influences. Farès distinguished himself on every occasion throughout the uniqueness and the “attitude” of his artful creations. Rock was his “muse”, therefore the use of leather has always been his trademark. Founder of the concept store, and the exquisite “mooja”, a multifunctional space giving the opportunity to local artists, stylists and designers, especially the underground ones, to express themselves where creativity and artistry trump novelty.


Mooja Store - 1 bis, Street Salem Bouhajeb, Tunis.