Salah Barka

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Salah BARKA, a Tunisian designer who is distinguished by his unique ethnic and Arab-African style, presenting over time timeless, durable and authentic collections.

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Salah Barka is the youngest of a family of 9 children, fashion has been part of his daily life with his four sisters. From the age of 15, he became a model, it was through this experience that his fascination with this universe. He began a short training at Esmod, but very quickly interrupted his studies for lack of means. With his ambition, he continued on his way and became a costume designer in the cinema industry. in particular by intervening on the film Star Wars. His work is a journey between Tunisian traditions and contemporary society. He uses traditional dress codes he mixes in his own way. His project revolves around the development of an Ethical fashion in Tunisia.


Salah Barka's Atelier
Supersouk Concept store
Mooja Concept store