Discovery of the month : ITGIRL

This month, we were curious about the story of a brand that intrigued many of you. We are talking about ITGIRL, a Tunisian cosmetics brand (available on We had an interview with its founder so we can know more about the brand’s concept and vision.
Why did you choose the name ITGIRL for your brand?
ITGIRL is an English term used to define the young stylish female who ‘s always “in “ and our brand is designed for those type of women.
For those who haven’t heard of ITGIRL, Could you tell us about the brand?
ITGIRL is a Tunisian cosmetic brand which was first thought of and conceived in Los Angeles. It is a girly makeup brand that is still in view of developing new products. It also aims to valorize feminine beauty with formulas and packaging that goes by specific makeup standards.

What is the brand’s philosophy?
Deliver quality makeup products to stylish Tunisian girls without breaking the bank.

Could you tell us about the brand Portfolio?
For now, our brand is composed of matt lipsticks, body fragrances, body lotions, dry oils, coconut oils, shea butter, shower gel, liquid soap and coffee exfoliators. We plan on having new products every 3 months.
With so many makeup choices on the market, what drove you to create « ITGIRL»?
ITGIRL is not only a makeup brand but it is also a skincare brand. Our main aim is to present the market with a short range of products adapted to its needs. For instance, for our choice of lipsticks, we stopped at 6 colors – the most trendy this winter- so that it wouldn’t be an overwhelming choice for it girls.


How did It Girl start and what motivated you to create your product line in spite of the huge selection of cosmetics in the market?
The regulations imposed on makeup brands imports resulted in a hefty price increase. In addition, due to the volatile currency, some products became inaccessible.
As a result of this, ITGIRL was born to offer trendy quality products with great value.
We believe we don’t have a reason to envy big foreign makeup brands. Funny thing is, we have been contacted by an internationally renowned brand for outsourcing.

How does It Girl differentiate itself from its competitors?
ITGIRL is trendy and glamour. Our packaging is girly and our range of products are exquisitely perfumed, including our lipsticks!
Can you share with us some of the things that you take into consideration when creating new products?
We keep in mind international trends in makeup which allows us to offer products that are IN given that our slogan is “Be IN; be ITGIRL “.
Will There be new product launches from It Girl that we should be looking forward to?
Yes, and it is a product we’re highly proud of since it does not exist yet in Tunisia.
We’re the first brand to introduce the “Coffee Scrub”, an exfoliator that is made out of coffee granules that exfoliates the skin and fights cellulite.
Compared to other products available on the market, our scrub is 100 % natural and does not contain microspheres which are scouring agents that can damage the skin.

One Day, IT GIRL will be…?
ITGIRL will be a reference in makeup and skincare brands.

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