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Foulara project : a scarf not like the others

The bond between fashion and illustration is a fascinating dance of creativity that captures the pulse of society in strokes of color and fabric. Fashion serves as an outlet for personal expression...

2 min read  —  Oct 03, 2023 by Eya Rziga


Rap it up : 5 rappers shaping the Tunisian Fashion scene

Hey, maft readers! In the vibrant streets of Tunisia, where music and fashion intertwine, a new wave of rappers is emerging, not just as musical artists but as fashion trendsetters. We often visual...

3 min read  —  Sep 26, 2023 by Eya Rziga


Youth for Climate Tunisia: Empowering Change through Art and Activism

Dear maft readers, as you know, we have always held a close interest in sustainability and the protection of our environment. Today, we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive on this weekend’s must...

7 min read  —  Sep 05, 2023 by Eya Rziga


Zoom on Calestis, The Tunisian IT brand of the season.

Hey, maft readers! Have you ever been captivated by names with deep historical roots? Allow us to introduce ‘Calestis’. Derived from Latin, signifying ‘celestial’ or ‘heavenly’, a name not just roo...

7 min read  —  Aug 29, 2023 by Eya Rziga



Dear Maft readers, we're bringing you today an exclusive on this weekend's go-to art event: the most awaited exhibition this month in Tunis, of the visual artist BULIFA, who we witnessed dropping l...

2 min read  —  Mar 04, 2023 by Eya Rziga


Zoom on Balga Design, the mediterranean handmade shoe brand

Remember what happened last summer when the internet went wild because Chanel brought a real-life horse, ridden by Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi, onto the runway for the Paris Fashion Week show?

4 min read  —  Feb 14, 2023 by Eya Rziga


Zoom on the rising Tunisian rapper, ZDEFF

While everyone was preparing for the new year celebration, we at Maft magazine were checking in on some of our favorite artists and designers to see how they were closing off their calendars. Frida...

5 min read  —  Jan 08, 2023 by Eya Rziga


Factory Fest at IHEC Carthage: Art, business and fashion by students to students

Hello Maft readers! We’re back with another article to brighten your days and broaden your mind. This time we’re covering up the first edition of “Factory Fest", which is a collaborative event betw...

6 min read  —  Mar 11, 2022 by Eya Rziga


Discovering the new Tunisian streetwear brand: Lost Jeel

Hello Maft readers! We’re back again to talk about the latest emerging brand hitting the streetwear market these days. I stumbled upon ‘Lost Jeel’ through my Instagram feed as I saw a few friends o...

6 min read  —  Feb 28, 2022 by Eya Rziga


Finding Ola: Let's talk Fashion and more

Tunisia’s pride and joy, the celebrated and beloved Egypt-based Tunisian actress Hend Sabri has made a strong comeback on the small screen with the new series ‘Finding Ola’ that’s trending these da...

6 min read  —  Feb 16, 2022 by Eya Rziga

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