Let's discover Anissa Aida's new SS 2019 collection

It goes without saying that Anissa Aida is always making us proud due to her consistency and her perseverance. This Friday, she will present her latest collection at Supersouk concept store. But before the event, we were so curious that we asked her about her inspirations for this upcoming collection.
The designer told us that the new collection is a continuation of her previous collections. " It is based on the interaction between both Tunisian and Japanese culture, which fascinates me. Indeed, I interwove kimono cuts with traditional Tunisian textile techniques such as weaving silk by hand."
Geisha Shirt

Anissa always finds inspiration from traditional garment from different countries. She likes to go back to her heritage and dig in the know-how and techniques. She told us that " The aim of the brand is to preserve the cultural heritage by reinterpreting local know-how and craftsmanship in modern times. The style is minimalist and refined and aims to create a chic, graphics and modern cloakroom. The palette of colors is inspired by the Mediterranean: the blue and the white of the sea, the sky and the architecture of certain villages. In this new collection, I incorporated the notion of transparencies and patchwork."

Basic knit top - Boro jeans
For this collection, Anissa worked on patchworks and a well-studied touch of transparency which are two delicate notions.
Asymmetrical mandarin shirt w/ short sleeves - Mini knit top - Asymmetrical patchwork skirt

We asked her about it and this is what she said:

"The patchworks recall the traditions of Japanese Boro: textiles created from pieces of assembled fabrics. The word Boro translates literally as "falling fabrics". Between 1850 and 1950 the purchase of textiles for the Japanese population was extremely rare. It included kimonos, futon blankets, and other used fabrics together. It was part of a culture of recovery but also a desire for transmission from generation to generation. The edge that has so rustic origin contributes to creating a unique, inspiring and elegant garment"
We look forward to discover the collection. What about you?
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