Paris goes Neon

And it is not in reference to « les gilets jaunes »

By Rim F.

One thing that history and fashion taught us is that one follows the other. Back in the 1920s where women in Britain were protesting for their rights, – i.e Women Suffrage Movement – fashion and women’s sense of style in general drastically changed to reflect their new perception of womanhood and freedom.

The Edwardian corset that was supposed to once flatter a women’s chest was completely ditched in favor of more straight-cut dresses. Eventually, Coco Chanel made designs that went hand-in-hand with the mentality and even coined the term “ garçonne “.

In 2019, we still talk about the major influence that worldwide news has on fashion.

It is the Paris Fashion Week streetwear that took a major swipe at current events in France.


At MAFT , we took a closer look into the style of streetwear fashion and found that Neon was almost – if not completely- taking over the color palette of major celebrities and influencers.

Together with burgundy and black, the PFW streetwear made us drool at our screens and rethink our color choices.

What is most surprising about this fashion’s week street inspiration is that had it not been for the French movement “ les gilets jaunes “ that is taking over the capital, Neon would still be a color choice made only for the bold-styles among us.


You can strut the streets in a completely yellow-neon t-shirt like J Balvin or choose to do it the more discrete way just like Olivia Palermo did with neon and black striped pull-over. As our dear French compatriots say, ‘ tout est permis‘.

Little details count, if you choose to implement those funky neon colors even in the slightest, let us know by tagging #MAFTgoesNEON.

For now, I’ll be watching podiums from my screen and crying over those Valentino designs *sigh*.

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