S is for staying in style: what does it take to become a stylist

S is for staying in style: what does it take to become a stylist

3 min read  —  Aug 26, 2021

by Zeineb Ouertatani

Wakey wakey, Maft readers, August is almost over and I’m starved for your vacation deets. Were you sunning in Djerba or sinning in Hammamet?

Or maybe , July wasn’t fresh and you're waiting for August to impress?

Either way, with summer hitting its peak, the red carpets are being thrown down for the big majestical events, therefore, it’s about time for us to find our next angle in the fashion industry.

We tend to take a peek behind the curtains of the refined and elegant looks of all the red carpets where we get to discover that in the fashion world, couture and canape are just another Saturday night until you add a mask or an award and let me tell you, preparing for such things, is no softball, it’s more like preparing for your wedding day, the excitement, the urge, the rush and of course the perfect dress/outfit, yes the perfect one, because no respected stylist would let their client (bride/groom) walk down that carpet without feeling like the empowered superheroes that they are.  And a stylist job doesn’t stop there,actually, that’s where it starts, leading up to the ever-evolving person who’s constantly keeping up with every emerging trend all whilst managing to look fabulous at all times because in a world where your image is everything, a stylist needs to look not a grade under remarkable. 

From big names like Osama Chabbi and Yasmine Eissa you can’t but wonder with 'OH' at the threshold of their creations and the finesse of their talents which often are known to be varied and plenty.

A stylist, now the name is so easy to roll off the tongue but its duties are a mouthful because a stylist’s work is not just the day of the event where she/he’ll secure you the vintage Chanel dress and give you a breath mint before a red carpet, and be the one to help you with the same dress zipper at a dirty bathroom afterparty ...

His/her job is much more than that, his/her job is about precision and detail, it’s about having a tasteful eye along with the baggage of fashion knowledge gained from attending countless runway shows and researching the fashion of previous eras which also helped him/her build up her/his list of array brands and manufacturers from whom she/he sources clothes for her clients either celebrities or consulting models, photographers, makeup artists, costume designers, brand creative directors, and art directors, magazine editors, and film and TV directors and the list goes on and on.

Via TheHollywoodReporter, Stylists and stars issue

Now, what I meant by precision in the stylist’s line of work is that he/she is gifted by this incredible ability to know each of his/her clients’ styles and learn their insecurities slowly and remember them.

She’s/He’s also the same one who has an incredible detail-oriented eye for style from colours to shades to materials and to what suits every single body type which assures the fact that no matter what they will bring out the best in their client. Therefore, it has been given that a stylist needs to be confident with what they're doing. Because in short confidence inspires creativity and a creative stylist is a potential trend setter or detector. He’s/she’s also an obsessed shopper, the saying goes "A stylist will shop until they drop", and it’s not because they get paid for it, no, stylists are big shoppers at heart, they like the hunt, they love the thrill of the search and the excitement of the discovery, they get high on the joy of a secured Versace vintage dress the same way they get high on a thrift store one, because for them deep down it’s not about the brands and the big names, it’s about the perfect piece or mostly the perfect dress. 

Via TheHollywoodReporter, Stylists and stars issue

So, in the end, a stylist’s main goal is not just dressing their client in the most amazing way, it’s more about educating them on the kind of fabric, what kind of company makes it, and how it will wash and wear over time. They look at clothing as an investment, not as something to throw away.

And for that, they get the saying "Style is where you can go wild because it’s where you get to reflect your personality in every single aspect."

Finishing up from the styling aisle, we step into another unnoticed hustler’s journey.

Does anyone want to start the bidding on who’s going to be our next fashion worker? Going once, going twice..

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