Slowly project : Taking local sustainable fashion to the next level

Slowly project : Taking local sustainable fashion to the next level

1 min read  —  Jan 09, 2024

by Zeineb Ouertatani

Backed by shared values in slow and eco-responsible practices and by the mission to foster the growth of emerging sustainable brands, ILEY'COM, an international marketplace for African eco-friendly businesses and maftmag a Mediterranean fashion magazine have teamed to create a new project : Slowly Project. 

This initiative empowers eco-conscious fashion brands to create a personalized online presence on It goes beyond entering the online market—it strategically showcases these businesses’ commitment to sustainability globally. By exporting their products internationally through, brands access a new clientele, positioning themselves as leaders in sustainable fashion. It's not just about visibility; it's seizing an opportunity to make a broader impact. 

As these brand owners venture into the international market, they go beyond introducing products—they bring forth a narrative of ethical and sustainable fashion. 

The international clientèle they could encounter represents not only potential customers but also advocates for the values these brands champion. This pivotal stage becomes a platform not just for e-commerce, but for building a brand identity rooted in conscious and ethical practices.

In essence, entering the international market through Slowly Project seems like a strategic opportunity to connect with a diverse audience that values conscious consumer choices.

Slowly has also another cultural mission : The project aims to promote local craftsmanship and the rich North African savoir-faire, highlighting in that sens, the identity of the region.

Are you ready to grow internationally?

The first brand to have joined our project is Samym—a sustainable Ready-to-Wear brand from Tunisia. 

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Now, we’re calling on other ambitious brands to join the project!

Your brand can be in the spotlight with, the hub of conscious e-commerce and now with maftmag, the hub of eco-friendly fashion. No need to choose between style and sustainability—Slowly is your golden ticket to a future where both thrive.

In a nutshell, Slowly is not only an offer and opportunity to start your journey in the international market; it’s also a friendly pledge to turn the Tunisian market into a runway where every stitch counts

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