Why we love monochrome and so should you

By Rim F.

Here is the deal.

I typed monochrome on Google and the first instances, or the majority, to say the least, were black and white ensembles/looks. This was, of course, a sight that pinched my heart as I consider that the Paris and New York Fashion Weeks didn’t really see monochrome eye-to-eye with Google.



When talking about monochrome, the right way to picture it in your mind is not Black and White everything as popular belief might induce you to think. An entire outfit that is black or white is called Achromatic whereas monochromatic in Fashion means an outfit that is put together from one single color but with different textures and materials.

Whilst monochrome was huge back in the 1950s and outfits that were taken over by brown-cinnamon hues made it even to Vogue covers, today’s fashion, as tradition allows, revisited the concept and made our eyes glow at fashion street styles that took color blocking to a whole new level.


Blue, red and a lighter burgundy were all over the streets this season for our biggest enjoyment.

Although there is an uncontainable joy for introverted and sensibly styled people in the fact that the neutral color palette is back in full force this fall, it does not take away from the loud-voice that an all-grey suit will make when you strut the streets of your neighborhoods.

So does monochrome really has a place for discreetness? that completely comes down to the color choice.

The easiest way to look at this is that more is more. Although in fashion you are most stylish when you do your thing. Monochrome is for EVERYBODY.Red tailored suits, a light-beige trench coat worn as a dress or burgundy roller-neck and trousers, nothing is off-limits.

As always, you dictate your own touch or how far you’d go with your style.

Your personal touch on clothing is what makes things go your way and not anyone else’s.

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