Why we’re loving Coachella this year

By Rim F.
Let’s look back a little bit at the origins of Coachella: the name derives essentially from the place it is held in. Originally, it is in Coachella Valley, in the desert of Colorado that our favorite people meet and gather.
In 1999 and in the year 2000’s, Coachella was the recreation of European Festivals. That meant that it was essentially ALL about music and fashion was a subcategory pertinent but not essential. In the present day, however, people type in “ Coachella style “ in the Pinterest searching bar most often than not.
That being said, I’ll be honest and say that Coachella style has not been one that I’m personally seeking to implement in daily outfits. Would you ever see me rocking Vanessa Hudgens-style long and thick hair extensions that she wears religiously at Coachella? Probably not.
Yet, we cannot deny the incredible influence it has each year as magazines and media hops into the festival train to detect the most memorable looks of the year.
That’s why at MAFT, we tried to gather the most wearable styles we’ve seen at Coachella :
1 - The biker shorts 

Miss Universe 2012 and young youtuber and DJ, Chantel Jeffries had to make us know, biker shorts are here to stay. Biker shorts are the new shorts. You heard it here first, folks.

2- Yellow and Neon

Just when you thought you’ve embraced the striking red inclusion in your outfits, fashion is coming for more. We’ve got the all-yellow jumpsuit of Erin Lim or subtle neon gems in Paris Hilton black dress.

3- Polka Dots

Ditch the small polka dot dress you’ve been wearing with a red lip. Big polka dot dresses are a thing.
4- The Crochet Fabric

I always leave the best for last. Crochet fabric is in full-force this year ( because it has been a staple for Coachella looks before ). Sara Sampaio and Leonie Hanne understood that very well.
It gives instant boho vibes to your looks and we’re here for it!
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