Zoom on 4 sustainable Tunisian fashion brands

Since it’s the holiday season and you probably are in the mood to do some shopping and planning on spicing up our wardrobes with trendy winter items,  without jumping to the nearest fast fashion brand, we selected for you, our favorite at-the-moment sustainable brands that we are completely proud of.

This winter's holiday is the perfect occasion to buy someone you appreciate or yourself a gift that is eco-friendly while supporting the sustainable fashion movement and the emerging fashion businesses.

Samaka is s a ready to wear Tunisian clothing brand that is composed of contemporary simple clothing pieces that are all about being effortless, contemporary, and timeless. The brand is for all wanderlust lovers, who like earthly colors with a little touch of our roots and at the same time are all about the urban lifestyle.
Samaka is highly distinguished and stands out through the quality of its items in order to shed the light on the importance of slow fashion and the importance of the quality of fabric in times where fast fashion is dominating the fashion industry.
The founder of Samaka, Aziz Kallel who is a DJ as well as a fashion designer, proved that it is possible to create timeless yet modern clothing items for men and recently for women, while keeping the elements of nature and earth a part of his brand's identity through using mostly earthly and neutral colors.


Sumaiya Merchant
“Clothing to me is a story-telling and transformational device, and I particularly love giving shape to the ideas of my customers. “
That’s how Sumaiya described her vision on her website. For anyone who is interested in good quality clothing with an indian touch, Sumaiya Merchant might be the perfect brand for you. Sumaiya knew how to mix between the Tunisian and Indian culture in order to create something out of the box and yet simple and chic that could perfectly fit into anyone’s wardrobe.
“Hungry for creation my young hands cried, Only to the needle, thread, fabric, it opened wide…” but that’s not the most mesmerizing aspect, Sumaiya is known for her passion for embroidery and her knowledge on how to construct a garment which led her to create a brand with completely in-house creations (hand-made) that are customized to fit customers vision and to reflect their personality and collaborating with various artisans.

Guya Gang
Guya Gang is a new Tunisian eco-friendly brand for nature lovers, travelers, yogis, eco-conscious people, and spiritual souls. They are committed to having a clothing brand that is environmentally responsible through the following 5 essential rules (found on their website with further explanation) :
The use of recycled fabrics, fabrics that were meant to be thrown in the ocean or burnt by big factories subcontracting for fast fashion companies from around the world.
The use of sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics such as 100% cotton, wool, rayon.
The use of fabrics in the production chain to have less and less waste.
The packaging is 100% Plastic Free and reusable as storage for different items.
They try to reduce their carbon footprint and help others who are fighting to save our the planet. 


bag | shish:
bag | shish is an eco-friendly and conscious brand that sells different kinds of sustainable products from hats and bags to tablecloths and napkins, made of organic materials in order for them to be durable and last long enough but also to not be a harm to the environment.
bag | shish products are usually made with the collaboration of artisans in order to create the most practical hand-crafted products with great quality that respects the environment, people, and mother earth.


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