Zoom on our 5 favorite Tunisian swimwear brands

By Yasmine Borghol

When it comes to swimwear, I usually struggle a lot to find a suitable piece that fits my body perfectly with the color and shape i  want.  I  look around the shops  and i always end up finding the ones which either are too expensive or not really fitting.  Luckily, thrift shops are there for me. But this summer, things are changing in the Tunisian market, as we witnessed many tunisian swimwear brands launching, and ready to wear brands coming up with mini swimwear capsule collections. Which leaves us  this season with an incredible diversity of shapes, styles and colors... An encouraging  opportunity to give those brands a chance and to consume locally.  


MY-OYA is a brand that launched last summer during the summer season for both genders and also kids. They started with super cute models matching such father and son matching swim-shorts in different colors and symbols. This year, they launched their summer collection with a new vibe (beach-forest vibes) and more neutral colors for both men and women while embracing different body shapes with all their flaws.   



"From the Ocean, to the Ocean"

Iléa is a brand that was recently launched dedicated to sustainable authentic and ethical swimwear for women.  What's interesting, is that the fabric used for the swimsuits, is made of   recycled plastic bottles and fish nets that were found in the Ocean.

In this season's campaign, we also noticed how confident and feminine Iléa's women are. With unretouched photos, Iléa is embracing the female body as it is.  The form fitting cuts  and the vibrant colors will definitely make you the center of attention while radiating with feminine energy. 



Ain is a whole another mood. It's a swimwear brand (and more) that launched just this summer and is totally bringing a new vibe. Basically, the pieces are pretty sexy and are totally confidence boosters.  The sexiest summer tan is granted.


My Little Bagatelle

My Little Bagatelle comes back with a new swimsuit collection in all types from bikinis to single pieces swimwear with an effortless yet feminine vibe.  Colors are available for every taste, whether you’re a black lover, prefer minimal colors or flashy ones, this brand is for you.



Diagonal is a swim wear brand that has launched recently with the concept of "One piece for all bodies" and that's what they have been showcasing  from the start. They're focusing mostly on black swimsuits that are inclusive. They used models from different ages, shapes and colors and each one of them is rocking the signature black swimsuit. And this can only prove the point that for beach days, it doesn't matter if you're skinny, toned, chubby, curvy .... whatever it is, all bodies are ready to rock killer swimsuits. 


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