9 TIKTOK makeup trends you need to try this summer

9 TIKTOK makeup trends you need to try this summer

7 min read  —  Jul 15, 2021

by Nada Zamel

Even though Instagram makeup was the ~moment~ back in the day, I am not mad that TikTok is the new makeup trendsetter. God knows my skin cannot handle another "full face of whatever" challenge.

So dust off your makeup collection from all that heavy loose powder because now it is all about looking fresh.

Look Good, Feel Good! That's why here in MAFT, we are making sure to cover all the styling tips, and keeping you updated on all the hottest trends in fashion. This time we decide to expand and to introduce to you the hottest trends in the beauty world.

Because we want to make sure that you slay every look from head to toe. Whether you are simply rocking makeup for a Zoom call or you want to look trendy for a socially distanced hang out. We got you covered!

After putting every trend to the test. Here are our 9 top picks:

1. Eyebrows:

Brows are renowned to be one of the most prominent features of your face. Tiktok Makeup made sure to spice up this feature. Here are my top two favorites. 

1.1 Soap Brows:

This trend has existed for years, but it peaked in popularity after the Madison Beer makeup tutorial with Vogue.

Well, this technique is pretty much self-explanatory. All that you need is a spoolie and a translucent or a glycerine bar soap. First, lightly dampen your soap. Second, rake your spoolie across the damp part of your soap until you create a thick paste. Wipe the excess off your mascara wand. Then brush your brows upwards or following the natural direction of the hair. Et Voila! Your brows will look like you get them done by professionals.

Also, it is a great cheap alternative for Brow Lamination if you are not ready to commit to a salon procedure.

Remember to play around with it until you find the look you want. The more you practice this technique, the better. 

1.2 Bleached Brows Look:

Now bleached brows are not everyone's cup of tea. It might be counterintuitive, but trust me, it will make you feel like a badass. Don't worry! you don't have to actually bleach your brow. This look is achievable with makeup. The most effective way to create natural temporary bleached brows is by applying multiple layers of concealer and foundation. If you have dark/thick brows, I suggest using a yellow or light peach color corrector to conceal the darkness. Apply foundation to your brows, then brush them with a spoolie to coat every strand of hair. Add another layer of concealer and keep brushing and adding thin layers of concealer until you achieve the desired look. For the last layer, use a warm tone concealer or color corrector for a natural look. The last step is to set and forget: dust a small amount of translucent powder over your brows to set them in place. Now you are Phresh Out of The Runway!

Via farah_zea

2. Eyes:

2.1 Graphic/floating eyeliner

We all appreciate and admire the classic black winged liner. But why go for classic cat-eye when you can go with a statement graphic liner moment. Eyeliner is the most versatile and creative way to express your style. From the Egyptian black kohl to the fox-eye liner, these looks never cease to amaze us. There are no roles on how to achieve a perfect liner. Just let your eyes be your canvas and draw whatever your heart desires.

AS Kozmetique waterproof eye gel pencils are a great option to unleash your inner artist. Also, they have a wide range of colors.

Via @nada.zml

2.2 Rhinestones

Another Tiktok approved technique to spice up your makeup is Rhinestones. Even if you have never watched the drama series Euphoria, there is no way you have not seen their exquisite makeup looks. Adding rhinestones to your makeup is an old technique/look, but it regained popularity after the show was aired. The hashtag for the euphoria makeup challenge has over 550 million views on Tiktok. It is indeed a very creative and classy way to glam up your look.

Via @nada.zml

3. Lips:

3.1 Korean gradient lips

Does red lipstick actually ever go out of style?. This timeless look has been around forever. It got even better with this Korean makeup hack. First, start with applying concealer on your lips to have a uniform canvas to work on later. Second, apply yellow lipstick (if you do not own one, you can use an eyeshadow) all over your lips. Then apply red lipstick to the center of your lips. Use a dabbing motion when blending to prevent going overboard, or use a fluffy brush to blend the color out towards the rest of your lips. Finally, top it with a thick clear gloss, and you are good to go.

To achieve this look you can use Milo red liquid lipstick in LITTERALLY N° 103, or in HABIBI N° 104.

4. Skin:

4.1 Skin-like finish

Tiktok has really taken Less is more technique to a whole new level. This beauty trend is all about looking fresh, glowy, and appreciating your skin. Even Huda Beauty, the queen of Cake Face, has dropped skin finish complexion products. I suppose the skin-like finish trend has influenced her to change her signature look: from full coverage to light dewy coverage. So, instead of using a full coverage foundation, you can use concealer: to brighten your under-eye area and spot conceal your blemishes. A tinted moisturizer is also a great alternative.


Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline is hands down one of the best products to achieve a healthy, dewy skin-like finish look. Use Elegant face brushes for a seamless application.

Via @nada.zml

4.2 Reverse Contouring

I was a little bit skeptical about this trend at first. Because it sounds like whoever made it cannot cream contour. However, it changed my nose contour game. All you have to do is apply cream/liquid bronzer to your nose and blend it until you look like you sniffed some cocoa powder. Then take your light shade concealer and clean the mess by placing it on the sides of your nose and down the center.

NB: There is another technique called Reverse Contouring. It is applying a very light concealer and a very dark contour before your foundation. This technique is used by celebrity and professional makeup artists.

5. cheeks:

5.1 Creme Blush

Instagram makeup really hated blush. It was all about bronze. However, lately, the blush game has been very strong. It even replaced liquid highlighter, how you might ask?

So, do you remember the full-face highlighter challenge? Yeah, we are not doing that anymore. We just use cream blush for a natural dewy finish and a healthy glow.

NB: You don't need to splurge on a cream blush, you can use your bullet lipstick. It is basically the same.

You can use Lella’s semi-matt finish lipstick for this look.

5.2 fake freckles

As I mentioned before, TikTok makeup is all about natural skin-finish makeup and faux freckles are a great technique to rock the trend. Whether they are natural or fake, this beauty feature is always a charming way to make your skin look healthy and fresh like makeup artist Renée Loiz once said: “Freckles make the skin look healthy and give a sun-kissed appearance. They can also be used to cover pesky blemishes.” There are many ways to achieve the look. I prefer to use a thin nail brush, cool-toned brown eyebrow gel, and a warm eyeliner pencil. You can use your eyebrow pencil, liquid/powder bronzer, or brown lipstick. It depends on your preference and what works with your skin. The placement of the freckles is totally up to you. Personally, I draw the dots only on the bridge of my nose and my cheeks. To make it look natural, draw small and big dots and keep dapping with your finger to blend them. It took me some time to find my style and now ~I am obsessed~ with them. After drawing and blending your dots take a big fluffy brush with your warm tone bronzer swipe it across the bridge of your nose then do the same with your blush for a sunkissed look.

You can use:

FEUTRE SOURCIL 10 by Elegant

Lella Brown Eye Pencil

Via @nada.zml

And there you have it, this summer's hottest trend. So which one is your favorite? and if you are planning to try one of these trends don't forget to tag us! we would love to see your creativity.

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