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Le phénomène EUPHORIA; une euphorie éphémère?

Surfant sur la vague du succès depuis 2019, la série Euphoria a battu un record d’audience depuis le final de la deuxième saison, diffusé le 27 Février. A vrai dire, ce fut tellement un véritable c...

7 min read  —  Mar 20, 2022 by Jihene Essanaa


J'ai testé pour vous la culotte menstruelle de la marque Najen Nature 

Une culotte pour combattre tabous et diktats féminins, l’idée fascine les plus sceptiques d’entre nous. Si les menstruations sont un processus naturel et primordial pour la santé féminine, pour bea...

5 min read  —  Oct 09, 2021 by Jihene Essanaa



By doing some research on the rising brands, how great was my surprise when I discovered three charming designers, with remarkable daring and ingenuity. Emna Haboubi; founder of Eclektic-Mind, Amen...

4 min read  —  Jul 22, 2021 by Jihene Essanaa


Le mannequinat en Tunisie: Un siège éjectable (Spécial Homme)

La mode n’est ni morale ni amorale, mais elle est faite pour remonter le moral, disait Karl Lagerfeld. Faire partie du panel des mannequins qui posent pour des campagnes et qui foulent les podiums...

9 min read  —  Jun 13, 2021 by Jihene Essanaa


The gap between fast fashion and curvy women 

For many, dressing up is a pleasure, leisure. On the other hand, we can't imagine how much of a drama it can be for a woman not to be able to dress as she wishes while it is easy to see on a daily...

3 min read  —  Apr 12, 2021 by Jihene Essanaa


Saving Hotel du lac

At the beginning of November, a multitude of pictures circulated on social networks; we see the legendary “Hotel du Lac” with an inscription in huge orange letters on its facade "لا للهدم", which m...

3 min read  —  Jan 05, 2021 by Jihene Essanaa


Christmas vibes: Jingle Bells in Tunisian Markets

At a time when the Christmas festivities are in full swing all over the world, in Tunis, markets and trees are installed, to celebrate Christmas as it should be. Some dedicated spaces, with tastefu...

4 min read  —  Dec 13, 2020 by Jihene Essanaa


Lady Diana, forever a style icon

The release of season 4 of "The Crown", Netflix's most-watched series, is marked by the entry on the scene of an iconic character: Lady D. Exciting and moving, this season is a total success. In th...

6 min read  —  Dec 04, 2020 by Jihene Essanaa


COVID19: 5 Tunisian designers tell us about their experience in the face of the pandemic

The health crisis has forced the fashion world to rethink its frantic pace. From creators to producers, the entire industry has been forced to shut down. Buyers and consultants are witnessing chang...

5 min read  —  Nov 22, 2020 by Jihene Essanaa


Fall 2020: The Dress Code

If they were greatly disturbed by the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, the approaches to recent fashion weeks were nonetheless representative of the trends currently prevailing in the fashion...

4 min read  —  Nov 14, 2020 by Jihene Essanaa

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