Samym is joining the ‘Slowly!’ experience

Samym is joining the ‘Slowly!’ experience

2 min read  —  Jan 26, 2024

by Zeineb Ouertatani

Sustainability has come to the forefront of conversation in Tunisia in the last few years, which is why the Ready To Wear Tunisian Fashion brand, SAMYM has embodied a conscious mindset from the beginning of its journey. It originated in 2017 when Meriem Dridi Nalletamby ignited a desire to dress well with some sense of affordability.

The journey to establish SAMYM was no walk in the park. In fact, it was full of challenges, including the endeavor to introduce Wax, a fabric synonymous with African fashion, to the Tunisian market. Yet, in the face of hurdles, the designer embraced Wax's creative fluidity, using its African roots and sustainable essence to redefine the brand's identity.

Here, SAMYM unfolds an evident commitment to sustainability in its capsule collections — each meticulously crafted, resonating with profound consideration for social, economic, and environmental impact. Whether it's the careful sourcing of GOTS-certified organic cotton and linen or the use of other OEKO-TEX100-certified materials and quality wax fabrics boasting African traceability. Every piece stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to responsible production.

Operating from a small workshop in Tunis with a team of 40 employees, 90% of whom are women, the eco-conscious brand places a strong emphasis on respecting employees' rights and fostering friendly working conditions.

SAMYM's story is a narrative of merging style with sustainability, where each piece tells a story of innovation, cultural richness, and a commitment to ethical fashion. As the brand continues to build its sustainable path, It also highlights its pioneering spirit as the first to embrace the “Slowly Project”, which is an initiative created by, ILEY'COM, an international marketplace for African eco-friendly businesses and maftmag, for the sole purpose of empowering eco-conscious fashion brands to create a personalized online presence on

The brand’s participation in the Slowly Project, brings forth its latest creation, the "Mon Vrai Moi" collection. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's genius, the star of the show, the "My True Self" sweatshirt, transcends material durability to touch the essence of the soul. This collection is a challenge to transform your purchase into a thoughtful experience, breaking free from impulsive buying habits. Each sweatshirt is more than a product; it's a dialogue, embroidered with messages like "Thank you, I love you," "I'm proud of you," and "You look great today." Your connection with these garments goes beyond the superficial; it becomes a deeper, more personal affair.

Sweat-polo Loose Fit Unisexe « Merci, Je T’aime »

Shop Now €60.00

écharpe Unisexe En Wax Réversible

Shop Now €29.00

Masque De Nuit En Wax

Shop Now €22.00

Sweatshirt Loose Fit Col Rond Unisexe « You Look Great To Day »

Shop Now €60.00

The "Mon Vrai Moi" collection is a symphony of colors and styles, featuring round neck sweatshirts in captivating shades (beige, gray, navy blue, red) and polo collar counterparts mirroring the same hues. But it doesn't stop there; SAMYM adds a touch of versatility with a reversible collar cover sporting a wax face and a fleece face. An eye mask with a Molleto inner side and wax outer side alongside a handmade notepad with a wax cover and recycled paper interior complete this avant-garde collection.

Dive into the world of SAMYM's latest collection at the Slowly Project’s personalized online presence on

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