Coup de coeur of the month: nöl collective

Coup de coeur of the month: nöl collective

2 min read  —  Mar 01, 2024

by Eya Rziga

Dear maft readers, in the vibrant mosaic of our Mediterranean heritage, some threads bind us, weaving together stories of resilience, creativity, and cultural pride. In the pages of our online magazine, we often embark on journeys that transcend mere aesthetics, which delve deep into the fabric of society, culture, and identity. 

Today, we invite you to join us on a heartfelt expedition to Palestine, where amidst the struggles and strife, a beacon of empowerment and resilience shines bright—the Nöl Collective.

Founded in 2020 by Yasmeen Mjalli, Nöl Collective stands tall, weaving tradition, heritage, and activism into every garment. Each piece embodies the soulful essence of Palestinian identity, from the bustling streets of Ramallah to the refugee camps of Askar.

More than a fashion label, Nöl Collective is a movement celebrating diversity and challenging norms. Through Nöl Collective, Yasmeen merges fashion with community empowerment, uplifting artisans and women-run cooperatives.

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Let’s pause and reflect on the profound significance of this activism. In a world of fast fashion, Nöl Collective stands for ethical and sustainable practices, advocating for Palestinian weavers and hosting empowering tatreez workshops.

Recently, Nöl Collective hosted a Tatreez workshop celebrating the beauty of embroidery and weaving in Gaza. It served as a space for feminine empowerment and collective heritage exploration amidst ongoing challenges faced by Palestinian communities. For Yasmeen, every garment tells a story. Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for traditional Palestinian embroidery techniques, she honors centuries-old traditions while infusing each piece with contemporary relevance. 

Tatreez, the ancient art of Palestinian embroidery, holds a special place in our hearts, echoing memories of our own experiences with textile work and craftsmanship in Tunisia. From the bustling textile factories of Monastir and Ksar Hlel to the intimate gatherings where we learned the art of tatreez from the women in our families. The intricate stitches and vibrant motifs became symbols of connection and cultural identity. 

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Last summer, the collaboration between Nöl Collective and Arooj Aftab, a renowned Pakistani musician, epitomized the brand's ethos of cultural exchange and solidarity. Arooj's admiration for Yasmeen's work led to a collaboration rooted in mutual respect and shared values. Together, they envisioned a two-piece silk performance suit that seamlessly blended Arooj's Pakistani heritage with Yasmeen's Palestinian roots.

Despite the challenges posed by the Zionist occupation, Yasmeen remains unwavering in her commitment to Palestinian craftsmanship and creativity. Nöl Collective's production process, spanning across Palestinian territories, is a testament to its creators' determination to defy borders and amplify Palestinian voices on a global stage. The tatreez motifs adorning Nöl Collective's garments serve as a visual testament to Palestinian heritage, preserving memories of a land scarred by conflict yet brimming with beauty and culture.

In a world where fashion often reflects trends, Nöl Collective stands as a testament to the power of conscious design and cultural exchange. Through their work, they inspire change, one stitch at a time.

As we celebrate Nöl Collective’s story of hope and determination, let’s honor the generations who preserved these traditions. Let their journey inspire us to stand up, embrace heritage, and lend our voices to the silenced.

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