By doing some research on the rising brands, how great was my surprise when I discovered three charming designers, with remarkable daring and ingenuity.

Emna Haboubi; founder of Eclektic-Mind , Ameni Ben Mbarek; founder of ByMani, and Emna Bouaoun; founder of Boauna, are time bombs. You may not know them yet, but it won’t be long. They are just starting to make a name for themselves, making their way among the well-known designers of Tunisia.

Eclectic Mind; Nature always says something


Emna Haboubi worships nature, spiritualism and the universe itself. It was therefore without hesitation that she embarked on the making of bags and other accessories that recall nature in all its forms. The design of her creations reflects the identity of “Eclektic”; organic, natural, fierce, simple but made with good products.

After studying arts school, Emna became an interior designer and visual artist. She spends her days painting and creating accessories according to her mood. “I have an eclectic mind, I can't get enough of adopting diverse things. I am always reinventing myself because I don't like stagnation. Stagnation is the enemy of creativity”.


In 2017, an exhibition took place in Tunis, broughting craftsmen and designers. An opportunity was set for Emna to present a small collection of bags. And it was a success. “It was the first time that I made bags, and I thought that if there was only good feedback, I could make it a real job…”

She then continued to sell some of her creations, in the hope that one day, she can launch her brand.

Eclektic was launched in the beginning of last year, with two models of bags: the Azuree and the Alysandra.

Made with a good quality of leather and colours recalling minimalistic nature, the shape of Eclektic bags is reminiscent of insects; a reminder to the organic world.

Today, you can find Emna’s creations in at “El foundok concept store” in la Marsa.

ByMani; Feminity in a suit


Over the course of the months, talented designer and seamstress, Ameni Ben Mbarek has formed a clientele of choice among the lovers of tailoring.

Having a master’s degree in foreign languages; German, Chinese and English, Ameni decides to continue a language study trip in China.

Yet, not being interested in office jobs, she decides to change her vocation, and devote her time to fashion.

She then integrated a training in haute couture specializing in embroidery, then did an internship with a fashion brand in Paris. And, after having acquired a base of styling and model making, she decides to return to Tunisia to do a molding training at ‘L’Académie des jeunes créateurs’ in Sidi Bousaid.


The consecration for Ameni, who decides, In 2019, to launch her brand.

“ByMani” simply reflects the personality of the designer.

“Since I was little, I have had a tomboy style. So I decided to create a brand of clothing for female suits. Less straight cuts, more fluid, which shows the woman's body; a brand for boss ladies.”

But it took her a long time to launch her brand. Because in fashion, "you must have the time, the tools, and the assets to start your project.”

Now, Ameni launched her sewing workshop where she makes her own creations, with an assistant seamstress. She delivers her pieces herself because she likes the designer/customer contact.

You can order “ByMani” suits online.

Boauna; Break stereotypes


Born in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​of a Spanish mother and a Tunisian father, Emna Bouaun always wanted to become an actress.

Yet, after attending a Fashion Week in Barcelona, ​​she clicked for fashion.

After obtaining her baccalaureate in 2016, Emna decided to do a higher technician's certificate for two years where she learned the job of stylist. This earned her an internship in a small fashion store in Toulouse, in France, then another internship in Promod in Paris where she learned how to do fashion sketches.

“When I was in Paris, my mom encouraged me to save and create my collection. It was good as a start…”

In 2019, Emna returned to Tunisia to study in Esmod, but having already an experience in the fashion field, she was advised to undergo accelerated training at “Convergence school.”

  wanted to try new challenges. I then choose to study fashion design/pattern making for men.”

With convergence, her first ever collection "Cadenas”  was born; a mini sportswear collection, which promotes minimalism, urbanism, and diversity.


The idea is that those who wear “Cadenas” do not detract from their femininity. Yes it is comfortable, yes it is cozy, but it's also sensual.

“Everyone can wear all kinds of clothes. If a guy wants to wear a dress, he has the right to do it, no matter what his sexual orientation is"

Not identifying with a gender, breaking stereotypes and clichés, feeling alive in any outfit, it is the spirit of “Cadenas”.

This summer, Boauna is launching a new special SS21 collection that celebrates the designer's tunisian roots. A collection made and sold only Tunisia, that reflects the Tunisian Summer days  and the designers nostalgic memories back at her family's home in Hammamet.  The  collection is now available via instagram: boauna_

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