Foulara project : a scarf not like the others

Foulara project : a scarf not like the others

2 min read  —  Oct 03, 2023

by Eya Rziga

The bond between fashion and illustration is a fascinating dance of creativity that captures the pulse of society in strokes of color and fabric.

Fashion serves as an outlet for personal expression, and illustration brings that expression to life. These two art forms, intertwined in history, mirror each other and the ever-changing society they reflect. Together, they create a vivid and dynamic celebration of style and artistic vision.

Icons like Coco Chanel, whose designs revolutionized women's fashion, and illustrators like Antonio Lopez, who gave vibrancy to those designs, stand testament to this timeless duet. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a project that is close to home that was inspired by great women to inspire women. Here’s all you need to know about Foulara Project.

Foulara Project

Credits : Yesmine Abed  Credits : Yesmine Abed 

Foulara Project is a testament to the synergistic collaboration between maft mag and Artforness, an online illustation gallery based in France, founded by Ines Baccouche, a proud Tunisian entrepreneur.  Along with Khaoula Ben Amara, a gifted Tunisian artist, we got to celebrate the marriage of fashion and illustration through launching a product, and not just any product.

Credits : Yesmine Abed  Credits : Yesmine Abed 

The project was unveiled on Women’s Day on March 8th as a representation of the convergence of fashion and illustration to celebrate the spirit of modern womanhood. Khaoula Ben Amara worked closely with maftmag x AFN to create the illustration to be printed on a SCARF known as “Foulara” in Tunisian language. Foulara was exhibited at Imprim’Ness festival expo-sale hosted by Artforness at The French Institute in Tunis.


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The scarf design encapsulates the beauty, glory, strength, and humanity of women. It captures the authenticity of womanhood in all its dimensions - its strengths and weaknesses, its joys and sorrows. 

Credits : Yesmine Abed Credits : Yesmine Abed

Introducing the illustrator : Khaoula ben Amara

Khaoula Ben Amara is a multi-talented, self-taught artist from Tunisia with a deep passion for drawing, painting, and photography. She is noted for her unique depiction of the human face and has participated in several group exhibitions in Tunis. 

She debuted her first solo exhibition at L'Agora last year in late May 2022 with the title “A PORTRAIT OF MODERN LIFE” with the help of the art curator ARCHIVART.

Her sources of inspiration include a wide range of artists, including Matisse, Edvard Munch, Leonardo Da Vinci, and members of the Renaissance school. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Tunis

Currently based in Germany, her artwork is included in private collections across Tunis, London, France, and Italy.

You may anticipate more cutting-edge and imaginative collaborations in the future between maft Magazine and other artists as these two worlds continue to collide and inspire one another. 

Join us on this creative journey and shop the exclusive Foulara Project scarf exclusively

Credits : Yesmine Abed  Credits : Yesmine Abed 
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