How to: be stylish according to your personality?

By Amany G.

There is a difference between being stylish and trying to be stylish, however, both can be related if we’re born with that touch of originality that can define us. You know what I am talking about right?

You know, that personal touch that can transform a person’s style from ordinary to extraordinary; and for that, I am going to tell you how you unknowingly use your personality to look stylish.

According to Carl G Jung‘s theory of psychological types, people can be characterized by their preference of general attitude, and there are four of them:

  • Extroverted VS Introverted
  • Sensing VS intuition
  • Thinking VS feeling
  • Judging VS Perceiving

. Let’s start with the first Criterion: extroverted-introverted

An Extroverted person usually likes to communicate by talking and enjoys being the center of attention, their styles are based on the energy they transfer to others, you will find them wearing bright colors such as yellow, orange, blue even during winter. they don’t care about the “style” but more about the message they send.


Introverts are more comfortable living alone and being by themselves. They depend on their “me time” to recharge; they become immersed in their inner world and run the risk of losing touch with their surroundings but even with that they end up creating their own style. They usually wear dark colors and mixed trends.

5a42d230430d03f1138b45fe-750-563. Second criterion Sensing VS intuition

Sensors are realistic people who like to focus on details, you will find them matching colors and organizing their outfits; they can’t stand wearing black shoes with a white scarf for example.


Everything has to be in harmony and matchy-matchy and of the most famous examples of this type is Olivia Palermo.


An Intuitive prefer to focus on possibilities and the big picture. Easily see patterns, value innovation and seek creative solutions.

Well, basically the intuitive person doesn’t really fear the “new”, like trends, embraces them and is not afraid to try them out. We usually find this of people wearing feather and snake fabrics with high heel boots and big glasses: the most amazing example of this type is Blair Waldorf in the series Gossip Girl.

  • The third criterion thinking- feeling

Thinkers tend to make their decisions using logical analysis, objectively weigh pros and cons and tend to make the “safest” decision when it comes to fashion, so the thinkers will go for flat shoes instead of heels, they will go for dark colors, comfortable outfits because it’s safe.

How-to-Look-Chic-in-the-Most-Comfortable-Way-Possible-feat-1024x674                                                                       Credit Photo: Rivkah Levy My fashionology

Feelers are the sensitive ones, they decide based on their own personal values, so the choice of clothes for the feelers have a huge impact on their beliefs or religion, ideology… for example back when I was in Montreal, I had a blogger friend and she was Jewish . Basically, based on what she said, for the jews, wearing pants is forbidden so she was mixing outfits only using dresses and skirts, Nice isn’t it?


  • And the last criterion Judging VS Perceiving

Judgers tend to be organized and prepared, they follow the rules and like to stick to a plan . So when it comes to fashion, the judgers are the ones who are always prepared: Have a pair of flat shoes in the bag, an extra t-shirt, make up bag … the whole package.


Perceivers, on the other hand, prefer to keep their options open, like to be spontaneous and flexible, so if they’re wearing a classy dress with a denim jacket its because they don’t actually stick to a plan. It’s just the way they are.


So which style defines you more?

Take this simple quiz and discover.

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