Is this the 80s ?

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re going through some old pictures of your parents when they were younger and noticed that they were actually much cooler than you? their style was on point from top to bottom and sometimes they might even look a little bit too extra ? well as a nineteens kid, I’ve been there and i wished i was a teenager of the 80s so i can look and feel that cool!
But here’s the good news ! the ’80s are back … on the runway.
This season we’ve noticed a huge throwback to the 80s on the runway and on the streets ! Here’s some of our favorite 80s trends that are currently « à la mode » :
1 - Neon

We’ve all witnessed the neon fever on the runways this season and we’ve been wondering why is this a trend? well, do you remember neon leggings and leg warmers? considering that the 80s where the « going extra » decade, neon was a huge trend back then, and it was for people who like to dare to wear and who like to party!
2 - Animal Print

Did you know that animal prints was a huge must have when it comes to women who’d like to make a statement and who would like to look expensive? Remember the ALAIA animal print collection back in the early 90s? Well Kim Kardashian, as a trendsetter, wore two pieces from that collection earlier this year, and decided that it’s gotta be a trend again!
3 - High waisted Jeans

While scrolling on Instagram you’ve probably already seen insta models wearing high waisted jeans with a black Gucci belt and a cute crop top right? Well, that trend is excellently stolen from the 80s, but instead of the crop-top people used to tuck in their oversized T-Shirts. One of my favorite trends TBH !
4 - Fanny Packs AKA BANANAS

We’ve seen them everywhere from the beginning of 2019 ! an accessory that you can have so much fun wearing and that would be a change maker to a whole look ! #BananaInvasion

5 - Shoulder Pads 

Shoulder pads are basically wearable confidence! We’ve seen it back then and we’re seeing it multiple times on the runway! It’s interesting how women took this « more of masculine look » and turned it into something powerfully feminine, does that make sense? #TheFutureIsFemale

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