It Girl of the Month: Farah In wonderland, A « Fashionable » global citizen

A woman who never failed to inspire us with her positive vibes and funky style! We met her at many fashion events and we've always adored her fashion sense.
Farah AKA Farah in Wonderland started off as a travel blogger, and then after her world trip tour, everything has changed...

An interesting person with an interesting story. Let's get to know more about her through this interview

Who is Farah?

It's been 19 years that I didn’t live in Tunisia. I am a globetrotter so I consider myself a citizen of the world. I lived in several countries and I met people of all nationalities. I am a very tolerant and independent woman.

Freedom is the keyword, I have it as a tattoo already

I studied in France and then moved to Beirut. After Beirut, I moved to Dubai where I worked in Media as a Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager,  I spent 12 years there. In 2012, despite the global economic crisis, I resigned from my job and I went on a new journey as a solo backpacker around the World.  It was a CHALLENGE and the most fulfilling experience of my life. Solo traveling as a female can be daunting, but it shouldn't be!

I had an existential crisis in my thirties about who am I? What am I going to do in my life? What is the meaning of life? What is my vocation? I thought, well, I was fed up with corporate life. When I came back to Dubai after my sabbatical year, I published my first book which is an anthology of poems called “Hymne à la vie".

How did you make this decision? Was it frustrating?

I read many books on philosophy and psychology. Moreover, the first book that inspired me was the alchemist written by Paolo Coelho. When I read it, it touched me for life. At that point, I made the decision to resign and travel the world just like the shepherd Santiago in the Alchemist. It was a big challenge because I had a very good job but my decision was made and I had it as a resolution anyway.  I do have a bucket list that I follow by heart. This is the list of things to do before you die.

If you have something to say to our community, what would you say?

Well, many people think they have only one vocation in life but I am more of a passionate person so each time I am passionate about something I do it and then I change and I move on to something else. What I am trying to say is just to always follow your heart and passion. We live only once so we better make it right and if we make wrong choices, it is totally fine, it is just a learning process throughout our journey. We just need to get up again and keep going. I try to live with a sense of positive philosophy.

What about your blog:

When I resigned, an Arab producer was amazed by my decision and wanted to document my journey as an Arab woman who goes solo around the world. I started my blog and it was about my World trip. At first, I started writing about it but as I was traveling, it was difficult to keep up the pace.  I really wanted to live the moment. So, I dropped my travel blog and focused on the trip and more on the human experience. When I came back to Dubai, I dedicated my time to write my book. After its publishment, I went back to work in the media.

 And what about fashion?

I have always been interested in fashion. I always liked to be stylish and as I have been following bloggers and Instagrammers it inspired me a lot.  I said to myself that I love traveling, lifestyle and fashion. Why not share my passion with people?  So I started a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog. I also speak about positive vibes, positive resolutions and law of attraction. Actually, I am more active on Instagram where I share my looks.

Can you tell us more about your" Special" community on Instagram?

Yes! There are people who send me messages of encouragement and who like my style. I do not have many followers and it is not the number that interests me, what interests me is that they are active and engaged. I like helping people and sharing my vision and my positive thinking. Even when I post fashion tips I put my life’s vision as captions, which are positive quotes to inspire people so it is really in the same vein, just the way I want it to be.

Do you often follow fashion trends?

I follow trends but at the same time, I have my own style, which is eclectic, fun, colorful and especially funky. I love everything that is funky. When I went to Japan I stayed in Shibuya which reminds me of the time square but in a much more funky style. In that place, people tend to wear like Anime Characters. I wish I could dress like that all the time.

I love everything that is funky.

Do you think there is an impact of clothing on your mood?

Totally, it makes me feel so much better. I wear many colors because it makes me feel more positive. When people see me, I want to spread positive vibes and happiness throughout my fashion style. At least I try.

We like your style and we find it original! Are there people who are interested in your style?

I have followers from all over the world but most of my followers are not Tunisians, I could be wrong but I have the impression that Tunisians are more inclined towards the classic style, and neutral colors. They are not really used to seeing people dressing differently, so what I feel is that my foreign followers appreciate and like my clothing style better than Tunisians do. but on the other side, some of my Tunisian followers are encouraging and accepting my style and the way I like to dress up! I think when it comes to style, you have to be yourself.

The style should reflect who you are, of course, it’s crucial to wear clothes that suit you and that suits your body/figure but everything you wear should represent you.

Your Style is your personality!

What inspires you while you’re shopping?

Shopping is my ultimate passion, I’m a true shopaholic! it’s one of my favorite hobbies! I spend all my money on clothes and traveling.
My TOP favorite haute couture brands are Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino and Gucci! but when it comes to Premium high streets I like Ted Baker, BCBG and for the high streets, I prefer ZARA! I LOVE ZARA, even though everyone shops at Zara but I usually buy funky stuff that people usually don’t prefer to wear.
I think the key when it comes to style is how you mix and match your outfit.

Do you have a certain goal you want to achieve that is related to fashion?

Yes, I do! Actually, I would like to study fashion design because honestly, my biggest dream is to create my own clothing brand. Fingers crossed!

What do you think about fashion in Tunisia?

I think there is great progress when it comes to the fashion industry in Tunisia! I’ve noticed that there are new interesting brands that are being created, and I noticed especially in fashion week that there are new great potentials like SOLTANA or ATMOSPHERE I really like their work.
Overall, fashion in Tunisia is evolving and improving and still making baby steps. There are people who are working hard and making big efforts for the sake of the rise of the fashion industry.

Interview: Meriem Aouadi
Photographer: Malak Hachana
Styling: Farah
Place: Obladi coffee
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