It Girl of the month: Interview with Mariem Ghariani of Cheers to Style

Our it girl of this week is a Tunisian young lady with an intriguing sense of fashion. Here at Maft Magazine, we adore everything! From her blog to her Instagram page that highlights her lifestyle and looks.
Read the interview below and find out what’s important to Mariem when it comes to personal style. Keep reading to catch on what she had to say…

Who is Mariam Ghariani ?

I’m 25, and contrary to what most of my subscribers think, I was born and lived in Tunisia until I was 23 years old. I studied in Tunisia until I got my Master’s degree and then I continued my studies with a second Master s degree in France. It’s been two years since I was there, I lived in 3 different cities: Rennes-Paris-Lyon. Lyon is my favorite city so far it’s true that I love Paris but I prefer Lyon anyway.

What else can I say about myself? I like to travel! I like to read too and I love tennis so I practiced it when I was little, I also like art and especially FASHION!

How would you define your style?

I have to admit that before you asked me this question, I didn’t really think about it. I would say that I would rather have a chic/casual style. Like many people I think, I don’t necessarily feel very comfortable when I wear something so chic and classy. I do it for special occasions and who knows, maybe I will feel more comfortable wearing it in the long run!

I tend to add sophisticated little pieces to a casual outfit like Mom jeans, a simple t-shirt paired with simple stans (my favorite sneakers), With a fur jacket maybe, it’s all played!

I can’t exactly define my style but I wear clothes that reflect who I am! Sometimes, I try items which happen to be very good for me but that doesn’t really make me feel like MYSELF.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Essentially on Instagram, and from European and American bloggers. The ones through which I see myself the most is the Parisian blogger behind ‘Laugh of artist' » and Belen Hostal, a Spanish blogger. Otherwise, I love Karen Waze Bakhazi. We don’t have the same style and we don’t necessarily share the same tastes but I love the person she is, her confidence, her kindness, her modesty, her family and especially the waves that she’s spreading out!

I love sazan too, she is an American beauty blogger. I’ve been following her for a while. What I love the most about her is her spontaneity and her lifestyle with 0 filters, and this makes it real. I really appreciate this side of her!


Do you have a certain goal in Fashion ?

Apart from blogging, I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry. I wanted to be a product manager in a big fashion house but until then the opportunity didn’t come yet but maybe it will happen one day! When it comes to blogging, I don’t want to put pressure on myself by imposing a specific goal! I do it with passion and for fun and I don’t want it to become an obsession for numbers like most bloggers nowadays.

And as Christian Dior says « Whatever you do, do it with passion. Live with passion« . My blog is my motto if it takes me further and my passion turns into something bigger I would be more than delighted.

Who is your favorite designer of all times?

I know it’s cliché but I would say Coco Chanel who reinvented the little black dress that became the timeless piece we know today. I would also say Christian Dior for his breathtaking dresses and Yves Saint Laurent because fifty years ago, he dared to give power to women by appropriating the symbols of the traditional male wardrobe and re-making it for women. I like Vera Wang too, for her beautiful, simple and chic bridal dresses and Manolo Blahnik for his shoes that make me dream for so long .. I made a promise to buy me a pair. 

What in your opinion is the role of social media and influencers in the modern fashion world?

We are in living in a digital age and the impact of social networks is growing, so we can no longer ignore its strengths in communication. For me, social media has become so important and for a brand, it is even mandatory to be present to reach its audience. Hence the appearance of influencers phenomenon and brands collaborations. If an influencer shares a post about a pair of jeans on Instagram, his followers will immediately tend to want to know more about it and buy it. I do it myself!

But I find that influencers are losing more and more credibility because they are paid by brands and somehow they have to sell the products and almost everyone is aware of it. Fortunately, there are some who still retain their credibility because they have a large number of followers that allows them to negotiate with brands and say what they want without any fear of losing the future collaboration: it’s a win-win situation. Otherwise, I have a message about social networks and especially about Instagram.


"Nobody has a perfect life, Instagram tends to sell us dreams but it is far from the reality. Do not always believe in the beautiful pictures you see it’s just a facade. Everyone you follow doesn’t have a perfect life, just like everyone else. I say that there is no perfect life, there are just perfect moments that you just need to know how to multiply and especially appreciate them .. and it is often the small things that make a moment just PERFECT."

 Check out her Blog and her Instagram.

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